Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club

Welcome to Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club, a group of voluntary beach life savers dedicated to building a healthier and safer community for Southbourne's beach users.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Group Review: Patrolling the Sea and its Surrounding

Why do many people have this urge to visit the sea any time or any season of the year? What makes us so captivated by the sea?

Since childhood we keep on going back to the sea just like a child frequently yearning for his favorite food. We swim, surf, and sail to get as close to the ocean as possible and to enjoy the comfort it brings to our body and soul.

Without a doubt, we all rely on the ocean and the resources it provides. Many people spend their time sailing in the water to make a living due to the fact that the sea has a tremendous amount of blessings. In addition, aside from being a source of livelihood, spending time at the ocean offers countless health benefits too. However, we can’t erase the fact that these bodies of water possess a great threat to our lives.

Threats of the sea are all over its surrounding. Thus, it is great to have a group of people who possesses lifesaving and safety knowledge to patrol the sea for the benefit of people in the water sailing, surfing, exploring and conducting various activities. This is why Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club – a group of lifesaving volunteers patrol the beach at Southbourne during regular weekends and on bank holidays from May to October using efficient and well-maintained motor powered boats and modern equipment.

Southbourne Surf Life Saving Club trains their members to better serve the community by protecting and making them safe while in the water. They provide trainings and fun activities in order to maintain an effective and dependable club committed in making the coastal community a safe and accident-free place.